Life saving in only a few milliseconds

Pyrotechnical Safety Switch - PSS

  • Triggering through airbag ECU
  • Pyrotechnic accelerates the separation piston
  • The bus bar is severed in maximum 0.1 milliseconds
    The separation is done within 0.20 milliseconds
  • The plastic piston isolates the bus bar ends
  • An electric arcing effect is precluded

Customer statements

Heinz Kneipp
CoC Normung/Standards Daimler AG
The Pyrotechnic Safety Switch PSS, used to separate electrical current paths in road vehicles, is a perfect example of a success story. Impressive functionality,cost efficiency, innovative technology and genius through simplicity all combine to create a reliable and economical product.

Georg Seitz
Head of Development of Wiring Harness Components at Audi AG
When I think about the pyrotechnic safety switch that Audi has been using since 2004, the words that spring to mind are successful, simple and reliable. Implementation and use in series production are plain sailing, and this safety unit actively helps make our vehicles even safer.

News & Press

Pyroswitch at "The Battery Show North America 2017" Detroit, SEPTEMBER, 12-14.

The Battery Show is the leading advanced battery trade fair showcasing manufacturing solutions along the supply chain, including battery materials, manufacturing, equipment, components, testing and recycling, across a range of industries including automotive, electronics, power tools, utilities, telecommunications and defence

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